40 million people abandoned Microsoft’s browsers in October

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft constantly tries to improve its brand new browser Microsoft Edge with every major update for Windows 10. Since it was initially introduced in July 2015, the browser has received some unique features aimed at providing users with a different web browsing experience.

However, despite all Microsoft’s efforts to make Edge the ultimate browser for Windows 10, it seems that users are abandoning it in favor of rival browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft’s most recent report reveals 40 million users left the company’s two browsers in October alone.

The combined share of both the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge in October was 28.4%, a 2.3% drop compared to September. This means 466 million users used Microsoft Edge in October, while 506 million users browsed the web with Microsoft’s browser in September.

What’s even more discouraging for Microsoft is that user share has been constantly falling since December of last year. In fact, a record number 800 million people used Microsoft Edge in December 2015, while it hit the all-time low in October.

When it comes to the other major browsers, Google Chrome remained on top with the market share of 55%, while Firefox also experienced a 2% increase in October. The increase in Firefox’s market share directly affected Microsoft Edge, because the majority of users who abandoned Edge in October switched to Mozilla Firefox.

So what will Microsoft do to prevent the further downfall? Well, the company will mainly continue with what it does already: improving Microsoft Edge. If we take a better look, nothing more drastic can be done, unless Microsoft comes up with some sort of magic formula. The company promised some new features would be available in Microsoft Edge with the Creator’s Update next year, so we’ll see how users will react to these improvements, if they’ll convince users to keep using Edge, and even return to it.

Is Microsoft Edge your main browser? If not, tell us: What would it take to bring you back to Windows 10’s default browser? Tell us in the comments.


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