PGA Tour app for Windows 10 lands in the Store

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The PGA Tour app for Windows 10 has now gone live in the Windows Store, complete with nifty features such as quick access to player scorecards and biographical information, real-time leaderboards, video highlights and the latest news from PGA Tour.

With this Windows 10 app, you will find it easy to view each hole in the course along with the hole’s statistical data and illustrated graphics for each player. It also supports voice commands through Cortana and Windows Ink support. At the moment, the app is available only for PC users and it’s unclear when and if the app will roll out to Windows 10 Mobile.

The app’s official description on the Windows Store listing states:

Experience PGA Tour like never before on Windows 10 PCs!

Exclusive to Windows 10, discover a redesigned, touch-enabled, fluid user interface with 3D shot trails and hole visualizations, with beautiful interactive presentations for player’s scores, statistics, and performances.

Gain predictive insight with Microsoft machine learning, live leaderboards and standings delivered to your live tile, Cortana integration for voice-activated interactivity, and Windows Ink for on-screen telestration to share on your social networks.

Keep up-to-date by personalizing your favorite players and follow them along the course — complete with video on demand, top event highlights, customizable notifications, play-by-play analysis, and PGA Tour articles & social buzz.

PGA Tour app features

PGA Tour for Windows 10 includes the following features:

  • Rotating 3D hole and shot visuals
  • Data visuals for stats, scores and player performances, including a graphical display of strokes gained.
  • Reimagined player scorecards.
  • Cortana powered voice commands.
  • Windows Ink for on-screen telestration with sharing via Twitter, Facebook, mail, messaging, etc.
  • Live Tiles that deliver leaderboards and FedExCup standings to the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Mandy Rutledge, director of sports sponsorships for Microsoft, issued the following statement on the app’s Windows Store rollout:

With the unique features and capabilities of the PGA Tour app on Windows 10, golf fans everywhere can now experience PGA TOUR events through graphical renderings of the courses, as well as interactive presentations of players’ scores, statistics and performance versus the field for that day, the event and the entire season.

The PGA Tour app is now available to download for free from Microsoft’s Store.



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