Phantom Dust is free-to-play on Xbox One and Windows 10

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Phantom Dust can now be played for free on the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Explore faith and isolation in the new Phantom Dust engaging game

Phantom Dust is a mix between a third-person arena combat game and a collectible card game, and is a re-release of the original Xbox classic. In it, players collect 300 unique skills to build their own arsenal against up to three other players in destructible arenas.

As you unleash a large palette of skills, powers, and tactics to defeat your enemies, you will be able to use orbital particle cannons, flaming swords, flight, barriers of ice, cloaking, attack reflection, and other brand new abilities to seize victory. Phantom Dust features more than 15 hours of solo player content as you embark on an engaging story exploring ideas such as faith and isolation.

New features of Phantom Dust

The game comes with support for widescreen monitors, online connectivity, controller support on PC, Xbox achievements, and cross-saving/playing between the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. From a visual point of view, the graphics are pretty much the same but with visible improvements in what used to be previous framerate problems.

According to the game’s official description and the latest trailer, the game features starter decks that will allow gamers to jump straight into multiplayer. This kind of a unique multiplayer experience is said to have never been duplicated, so you should definitely give it a go.



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