Windows 10 Photos app is now available on your Xbox One

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Windows 10 build 14942 brought a series of hot features to Fast Ring Insiders, being the first Redstone 2 build to pack major new features. The Photos app is one of the “luckiest” app, receiving five new features for both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Once you install the latest Photos app update on your PC, you’ll notice that the app is now more beautiful and easier to navigate. Thanks to a new navigation bar and animations, you can easily view your Albums and keep track of where you are browsing.

The Photos app received 4 new features on Windows 10 PC:

  • The horizontal navigation bar makes it easier to view memories by Albums and Folders.
  • The new light viewing mode allows your photo collection to shine. Of course, you can always go to Settings and restore the dark theme.
  • New animations have been added in and out of the Collection view when viewing photos in full screen. Thanks to this new feature, it’s easier to keep track of where you are browsing.
  • Full screen is now supported, allowing you to see individual photos more quickly with your mouse.

The Photos app is finally available on your Xbox One

This is perhaps the best feature the Photos app received with this build. Back in August, we reported that the Photos app was already visible in the Xbox Store, and its availability on the console was just a matter of time. Now you can show off a slideshow of all your OneDrive photos in your living room. All you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account, and you’ll be able to see all your OneDrive photos on the big screen.

By adding Photos app support on the Xbox One, Microsoft just took another major leap in the integration between Windows 10 and Xbox One.


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more BS written by Microsoft!

There is nothing beautiful about the photo app,its a joke. Just like the author. Do you have an honest bone in your body? The photo app is a mess! there is no beauty here! are you drunk or just stupid? because only a drunk person sees beauty here.

All I see is noise and more useless clutter and the xbox one? why? MS and Apple waste time money resources on the most ridiculous decisions. Windows 7 photo viewer is a 1000Xs better.

If there is another gates or jobs out there in the shadows please don’t look at Microsoft and apple as how to continue business their founders built good companies off “it works”

ios 10 and Windows 10 are 2 of the most ridiculous OS I’ve ever used.

They keep trying to be everything, in turn they will turn out to be nothing. Windows 10 is actually losing market share and ios 10 is hated!

Keep backsliding…Computers and phones are now getting worse not better