Planet Coaster December Update includes a new ride chosen by gamers

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Planet Coaster recently received an important update that brings a series of useful new features and  fixes. The good news doesn’t end here as Frontier Developments is preparing another interesting update scheduled for release in December.

The company hasn’t yet revealed the exact release date of this update, but since this is going to be “an early Christmas present”, we expect it to be available around December 18.

Planet Coaster’s developer has actually been pretty generous in details regarding the content of the upcoming update. Gamers can now decide which new flat ride will be included in this holiday update. There are four options available and the most popular one will be included in the December Update.

Since the festive month of December is soon upon us, we are preparing a special holiday update for you! This free content update will be like an early Christmas present for our beloved community. It’s going to be filled with a variety of goodies, of which we’ll be sharing the details closer its release time. However, one special feature is something that we want YOU to decide!

You, as a community, get to vote on which new flat ride will be included in this holiday update. We’ve narrowed your options down to these four, and we can’t wait to see which one will be your favourite pick!

Vote one of these 4 Planet Coaster rides

More specifically, Planet Coaster fans can vote for one of the following rides:

  1. Classic Ferris Wheel – a theme park trademark, standing 30m tall and holding 20 gondolas.
  2. Sizzer – spinning, suspended grasscutter ride that whips you in every direction. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.
  3. Trihorse – a three-armed, rotating, swinging, and suspended vintage ride. This rollercoaster can raise its arms up to an angle of 40 degrees.
  4. Collider – retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel. Collider rises to an angle of 87 degrees.

Vote your favorite ride on Planet Coaster’s forum and you may get it as a gift in December.


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