Planet Explorers bugs: game crashes, blurry graphics and more

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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All humans are natural-born explorers. We all like to travel and many of us dream of quitting their jobs and traveling the world. If you can’t fulfill this dream for the time being, you can try playing Planet Explorers, an open world sandbox adventure RPG game set on a distant planet.

After two and half years in Early Access, Pathea Games has finally released the game on Steam, allowing you to explore impressive worlds. As the game developer points out, Planet Explorers’ release doesn’t mark the end of development for this title, as the company promises to fix, tweak, and update this game for at least another half a year.

This is a good piece of news, as many gamers have already encountered a bevy of issues while playing Planet Explorers.

Planet Explorers reported issues

Characters appear at players’ colonies when they shouldn’t

In Planet Explorers, gamers must complete a series of missions. However, it can be quite puzzling to go on a mission and notice that the people you were looking for simply appearing at your colony.

The first time it happened was with Wiles. I got mission to go and find him. I needed some resources so I fast Traveled to Meteor Crater and mined a bit and when I got back to my Colony he was there. It seems to revolve around the Colony and Fast Travel. It’s the only common theme every time it’s happened so far. None of this started happening until I built a colony.

Plants float around

Planet Explorers bugs

As cool as this image may be, this isn’t supposed to happen. If you see plants floating around in the game, try clearing Voxel Cache and enter the server again.

Planet Explorers crashes on launch

Many gamers report they can’t even launch the game because it immediately crashes on launch. When this happens, the error message: “GLContext: failed to activate 0x21db1e90” appears on the screen. If you’ve encountered this bug, try running the game in fullscreen mode and see if this helps.

Servers have huge lag

Many players complain that the dedicated Planet Explorers servers are lagging terribly, limiting the gaming experience. If you’re lucky, you may experience only 5-10 seconds of lag. Users also report that sometimes they experience almost one minute of latency.

Sometimes when I right click a weapon, im going to wait about 5-10 sceonds for it to take effect. Am i playing the game on Luna?
The connection was better during Beta 0.7-0.8

Blurry graphics

Other gamers complain that the game’s overall graphics quality leaves much to be desired. They say that playing this game is like playing an old title from 2008. If you’re experiencing this issues, you can change the blurriness by turning off DOF in the options. You should be getting 60+ fps.

The game is still a blurry mess that looks like it is from 2008. It still does not run great. […] The head bob on the camera makes me nauseated. It is unrealistic and does not add anything to the game. The game world is still empty.

No ambient sounds

When players turn music off, there is no wind SFX, no atmospheric SFX — it’s just completely quiet. The game developers say that there should be a bunch of ambient sounds available, but they’re area based. Try walking around: you’ll walk into them and they’ll play.

These are the most common issues reported by Planet Explorers players. Pathea Games should soon rollout an update to fix some of these bugs. If you’ve come across various workarounds for these issues, list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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