Zoo Tycoon Remastered is live on both Xbox One and Windows 10

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!Zoo Tycoon Remastered

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, a re-release of Zoo Tycoon and the remaster of the original Xbox One video game, is now live and ready to play on PCs running Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The title comes with new content and upgraded 4K graphics for future Xbox One X or powerful PCs.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection is fully remastered

The popular Zoo Tycoon series received a full remaster and is set to offer fun, excitement and lots of challenges while building the ultimate zoo.

Your imagination can now run wild with this re-release with the opportunity to choose from around 200 visually stunning animals.

You also have a selection of large environments in which you will be able to build, manage and maintain your dream zoo.

Play alone or together with four friends on Xbox LIVE

play Zoo Tycoon Remastered

You can play alone or together with four more players on Xbox LIVE. This zoo simulation is targeted at animal enthusiasts of all ages and the game is easy to start and play, providing gamers the opportunity to interact with animals from the zoo as well.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection offers intuitive controls and fun tutorials. Animals and guests will react to your creative choices and they’ll decide what your chances of becoming a Zoo Tycoon are.

Support for the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor

Just like its original version, the game supports Xbox One’s Kinect sensor for more interactivity. You can play with the controller while giving the Kinect features a try. Download the game from the Microsoft Store for $29.99.


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Bad: I have owned my 1x for 24 hours now. It does do the black screen. And it heats up quite a bit.. The UI gets patch due to the over heating… I paid a lot for this console.. I expected it to be quick and really snappy.

The good: graphics are badass. Load times on games are fast!(when its not over heated) its like I can play it for a good hour before I have to turn it off and let it rest.. Everything else is great though. Not trying to bash this console. I been waiting for 3 years for this thing! Lol but I guess its something I have to deal with.
I couldnt afford insurance on this from gamestop..

Shut down on me while playing COD WW2 about 3 hours after first start up… its been down for about 2 hours and still wont power back on

Been playing gears, after 25 minutes my screen goes black and it takes me back to the dashboard. Happened 2 times in a row now, right during the last round of each game. Then of course I get the 15 minute time out from gears even though it wasn’t my fault. Ridiculous.

This black screen is happening to me and driving me crazy!! I can’t enjoy the console at all including going through the menu, apps like Netflix and all the games I’ve tried. The screen just keeps flickering black sometimes quick sometimes long. I changed it from 4K UHD to 1080p to see if that helps. It stopped it but only for a while then it was back to the same issues regardless of 4K or 1080.

Ps. I have a 4K tv with HDR and a Dolby Atmos sound bar. Everything you’d need to enjoy this the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition!