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Launching your live-streaming gaming career and growing your audience can be a difficult endeavor. To help you get started SplitmediaLabs, the developer of Xsplit, has announced the first desktop app. It’s a next generation streaming utility tool designed to let content creators make recordings or live streams.

The process involves only a few clicks as opposed to traditional streaming methods that force users to go through unnecessary intricacies. With the app, you can manage your streaming profile across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, Facebook, and Beam. The app can also connect to Discord and Steam to let you boost your streams and videos while expanding your gaming network using the app’s native community management tools.

Sean Fee, co-founder and chief product officer of, said in a press statement announcing the app:

Becoming a content creator is not easy, first you have to know how to create the content and then you need to make it look good so it can appeal to an audience. Then, once you’ve made the commitment, both in time and money, it can be even harder to get discovered.

By leveraging XSplit’s experience we’ve managed to shape the app into a product that can tackle the major issues content creators face today. With it’s easy to create, easy to make your content look great and easier to find an audience of like minded players.

Strexm integration

SplitmediaLabs also plans to launch a bevy of features, such as an overlay editor and several customizable overlays, through integration with Strexm. That means you can then create professional-looking overlays you can link to your Xsplit or OBS broadcasters.

The app will also let users connect with other content creators and look for new creators who share similar interests with them. Fee adds:

We want to bring the gaming community together by giving them the tools they need to create great content, share that content with their friends and create and engage with communities around the games they love.

SplitmediaLabs acquired in July last year to help gaming enthusiasts connect with their favorite content. The desktop app marks a culmination of SplitmedaLabs’ works for months. It remains to be seen, however, if the company is heading in the right direction in terms of offering an app that aims to help gamers create live videos and share them with the public.


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