Fan of Pokemon GO creates 3D model trainer in Windows 10 attire

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Pokemon GO is pretty much a phenomenon. There’s no denying the popularity of this mobile game, but unfortunately it is not available on the Windows 10 platform. This is bad for Microsoft, but not for one particular Windows 10 Pokemon fan.

Instead of crying in a corner with a finger in his mouth, 3D artist Dragos Licar decided to do something cool by creating a Pokemon GO trainer tricked out in Microsoft-branded style.

We can see him in a shirt with the Windows logo along with a Windows-themed hat. It doesn’t end there: This trainer is also sporting a Lumia 950 Windows 10 Mobile device, but you’ll have to zoom in to see it clearly. The phone probably also acts as his Pokedex for whenever he wants to learn more about a new Pokemon he has encountered in the wild.

The whole 3D model is cool from our point of view and could also prove that there are a number of Windows 10 Mobile users who would love to play Pokemon GO without having to use an Android or iOS device.

Microsoft wants to have the game on its platform, but we’re not certain what the software giant can do to convince the Niantic to add Windows 10 to its list of supported platforms.

Until Microsoft manages to work some magic, you can follow this guide to have the game running on your Windows PC. It’s not difficult to follow, but it does take some time if you’re a novice about these things.

Have a look what Dragos Licar has done via Artstation.



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