Pokemon Go app available for Windows 10 as third-party PoGo game

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Since the initial launch of the famous Pokemon GO app, users witnessed third party application blatantly trying to copy the massively successful original. Named PoGo, the app was eventually taken down but has now resurfaced under new management.

It’s just not as good as the original

Although trying to emulate Pokemon GO, it is obviously not as well tuned or capable as the original, Niantic-developed app which is available for both iOS and Android. The copycat app is not able to perform as well as the original app and also incorporates less features and adjustments. Since its release, the original Pokemon GO has been updated several times but PoGo has fallen behind and won’t include some of the things people might have already gotten used to in Pokemon GO.

It’s risky — and there are no rewards for being brave

While some might consider trying this app for the lulz, they should be advised that there are risks involved. Installing PoGo on a device that is also running the original Pokemon GO could be detected by Niantic, the game’s developer. This could lead to unwanted complications for the user, including having their account banned by Niantic. Users must take this risk into consideration when deciding whether or not it is worth it to put their actual accounts in jeopardy.

There are no plans of other Niantic Pokemon games

Pokemon GO seems to have settled nicely on iOS and Android and won’t be expanding to any new platform or variant anytime soon. There have been talks about expanding to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, but that never evolved into something more. That being said, it is unlikely that Niantic will be releasing any kind of alternate content made to resemble Pokemon GO. Your best bet is to stick with the official app so that there isn’t any risk of having your account banned and access to the app restricted.

Pokemon GO has been out for a while now and many players have managed to rack up impressive collections and accolades. Losing them all for a cheap laugh isn’t something most would like, so there will probably be a pretty small insurgence of PoGo users.


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