Pokemon GO paving the way for HoloLens’ success?

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By now we all should know about Pokemon GO and how it has taken America and Europe by storm. The title is not the first Augmented Reality (AR) game, but it is the most successful, and to us, that is proof enough that HoloLens can arise above all odds.

For those who have been living the caveman life for a number of years now, HoloLens is Microsoft’s AR headset that is now on sale for $3,000. Don’t be dismayed by the price for the device, at the moment, is targeted at developers and enthusiasts. If you are one of either or both, and have the cash the throw down, then go ahead.

Now, we should point out that HoloLens is not a gaming device, but it can be used for games. Microsoft is targeting the enterprise, people who do real work. We’re sure the software giant will target consumers eventually, but for now, the company’s sight is focused.

When it comes down to the future success of the device, we can see by the quick adoption of Pokemon GO that consumers are willing to gravitate towards AR in large numbers, and that bodes well for Microsoft. The company has a long way to go yet, but Nintendo has yet again paved the way.

The good news, however, is the fact that HoloLens’ AR capabilities are far more advanced when compared to smartphones. This means, the end user is likely to have better experiences when using HoloLens, and developers should be able to do more. Once the apps are solid and use friendly, consumers will gravitate quickly.

We wouldn’t be too surprised if AR devices become more popular in the consumer space than VR. There’s no going outside with a VR goggles to interact with holograms in the real world, but this is possible with AR, and could end up being the biggest selling point.

When was the last time you’ve seen so many children outside enjoying themselves on a regular basis? Pokemon GO is definitely a game changer in this regard, and things could get even better with HoloLens.

Just imagine children outside with HoloLens, teaming up to take down several alien bad guys, wouldn’t that be interesting, Yes? We agree.

It should be noted that Pokemon GO could come to HoloLens. Furthermore, the device was used to help airline train staff in Japan.


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