Niantic’s Pokemon Go could come to HoloLens

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The world is going crazy about Pokemon Go these days. Even though the game is still very young, it already has millions of Pokemon trainers all over the world. Pokemon Go is currently available on Android and iOS, but developer Niantic said that there’s a chance the game will also be developed for more platforms like as Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Niantic CEO John Hanke said that the company wants Pokemon Go to be more than just a seven-day wonder, therefore it is preparing new gameplay elements that will encourage players to stick around longer. It also plans to deliver the game to other platforms and possibly expand the range of users.

Although Hanke didn’t specifically say what new platforms will get Pokemon Go soon, Microsoft’s HoloLens seems like a perfect fit for the game. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that mixes virtual Pokemon with the real life environment — is exactly what HoloLens does.

Playing Pokemon Go on HoloLens would give a new dimension to the game, as players would be able to see Pokemon in front of their eyes instead of just on a smartphone screen. So, the experience of playing Pokemon Go on HoloLens would probably be better than on all other platforms, including rival VR devices.

Still, HoloLens is a very expensive device, so paying $3500 just to wander around looking for Pokemon doesn’t seem like something everyone would be willing to do. But for those who planned to get HoloLens even before Pokemon Go, this game might be a great addition.

Pokemon Go is currently unavailable on a UWP platform and unfortunately, that’s unlikely to change. The game is definitely not a fit for Windows 10 because it’s hard to imagine people searching for Pokemon with laptops and big-screen tablets in their hands. Windows 10 Mobile might not seem like a lucrative market for Niantic, especially with many other companies leaving the platform. However, we’re sure Windows 10 Mobile users would love to see the game on their devices.

Once again, Niantic just said it has plans to bring Pokemon Go to platforms other than Android and iOS. So, while no one actually mentioned Pokemon Go HoloLens, it just seems like the most logical option. As soon as the company announces something or reveals more details, we’re going to let you know about it.

Until then,  tell us in the comments below: what do you think about playing Pokemon Go on HoloLens?



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