Popcornflix Releases App for Windows 8, Lets you Watch a Bunch of Movies for Free

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A while back, we featured some Windows 8 apps that you could use to watch movies completely for free and today we’re adding Popcornflix to that list, with its fresh app on the Windows Store.
popcornflix app windows 8.1 free movies
PopcornFlix is becoming a more popular service by the day, thanks to the fact that it offers the chance to watch movies completely for free, since its service is advertising-supported. Launched initially as a website, Popcornflix is a wordplay between Popcorn and Netflix, two well known names when it comes to watching movies and TV shows online. Now it releases its official app for Windows 8 users, which now makes it really easy to stream movies for free, straight on your Windows 8 tablet.

Watch hundreds of free movies with PopcornFlix app for Windows 8

PopcornFlix is a free, ad-supported streaming service that offers a variety of films and series in a growing number of countries all over the world. Our service is completely legal and does not require downloads, subscriptions or any other hassles – films are easily streamed on your device. PopcornFlix offers its viewers a wide array of content, ranging from big studio pictures to independent cinema, documentaries and cult classics. The staff at PopcornFlix is constantly looking for new and unique films and series.

popcornflix app windows 8 free movies
PopcornFlix is a free movie streaming application, and there is no login or username required, which is really awesome. The single drawback is the fact that there is advertising inside the app, and maybe sometimes the streaming will load a little bit slow, according to some users. I wasn’t able to test out PopcornFlix, which means its services haven’t expanded yet into my country, but if you’re browsing this from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or another English-speaking country, then you should be able to get it downloaded on your Windows 8 device by following the link from below.

Download PopcornFlix app for Windows 8


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