PowerApps doesn’t work in Windows 10 build 14361

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The recently launched PowerApps service just hit its first major wall with Windows 10 build 14361. Users report that PowerApps stopped working after build 14361 was installed.

For a quick reminder, PowerApps  is a tool allowing you to create apps by connecting various services –Office 365, Salesforce, OneDrive and others — without coding anything. This is the perfect solution for those moments when the available apps do not meet your needs 100%.

PowerApps allows you to create the custom apps that best suit your business needs and all users can now play with this service since the public preview has been available since May.

Actually, the fact that PowerApps doesn’t work on build 14361 shouldn’t be surprising since the app is in the preview stage, and not all of its codes have been polished. The good news is that Microsoft is now aware of the issue and can focus on finding a fix before the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Users reported that PowerApps simply stopped working after build 14361 was installed and despite logging in using various accounts, the issue couldn’t be fixed:

PowerApps stopped working after the build 14361 update. Tried reinstalling and with different accounts and different PC’s with no luck.

So far, Microsoft’s Support Team hasn’t offered any solution for this issue.

It is worth mentioning that it is not recommended to use Windows 10 builds on production computers. Build are unpolished Windows 10 operating systems rolled out mainly for testing purposes. Therefore, bugs and various issues are to be expected.
Microsoft published a list of five known issues for Windows 10 Build 14361 involving installation unavailability for French Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, PC freezes when using the Japanese IME text prediction feature and other language settings related bugs.



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