Recording Powerpoint Presentations Will Become A Reality

by Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Office 365 PowerPoint users are about to receive a brand new, ultra-useful feature.
  • Recording slide-based presentations will now become a lot easier than it was before.
  • Also, you will no longer need to use Chrome extensions in order to actually do this.
  • The new feature will begin its rollout process sometime at the beginning of 2022.
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It seems that Microsoft is hearing more and more of their users’ prayers and are implementing a lot of these changes in order to further enhance and make hybrid work even more efficient.

Therefore, Office 365 PowerPoint users are about to receive a new feature that should make it easier to record slide-based presentations when working from the office or home. 

We will soon record our PowerPoint presentations

This new feature we mentioned, which relies on a PC’s microphone, video camera, and PowerPoint slides, is part of Microsoft’s efforts to reshape its software for collaboration in hybrid work arrangements.

Do you remember that Vimeo released Vimeo Record last year? That’s a free Chrome extension that helps people record Slides and PowerPoint presentations.

Recording studio in PowerPoint lets you tell your story, in your own words, helping you deliver more impactful and engaging presentations.

However, the Redmon company’s new built-in PowerPoint recording studio feature will make it easier for its Office 365 users to do that within the product rather than via a Chrome extension.

PowerPoint users can now click a Record button in the top right corner of PowerPoint. They’re then shown a personalized view that can be customized. 

The default view is called the teleprompter view and it lets users look at the device’s camera and read notes.

There’s also a presenter view to see the slides the user is presenting that works like PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams, and a minimalist Slideview that helps with making annotations. 

After recording a presentation, users can preview the video, re-record it, and then share it via a share button.

It is also possible to update a slide directly without the need to re-record the voice and video portion of a presentation.

After editing, the user needs to click an Export button in the Record tab to see the video. This new feature will start rolling out to users worldwide in early 2022.