PowerShell 7 delivers productivity gains and error management

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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PowerShell 7 Preview 5 new features

Windows 10 users that rely on management frameworks like PowerShell are waiting for the final version of PowerShell 7 for some time.

Now, with the release of PowerShell 7 Preview 5, Microsoft is one step closer to the official release expected in January, 2020. The tech giant categorised this General Availability release as “the first Long Term Servicing release”.

PowerShell 7 Preview 5 brings a lot of new features

Until then, there will be at least one more preview release in November as well as a Release Candidate in December.

In terms of changes, Preview 5 comes with a lot of new features and some bug fixes.

One of them is Pipeline Chain Operators, which allows users to control execution based on the success or failure of a previous command.

powershell 7 preview 5 new features

This was possible in previous versions as well, but now it works with native commands and PowerShell cmdlets or functions.

Another interesting change is the addition of Null conditional operators. If you want to know if a variable or propriety is $null before using it, this new feature makes it easy for you, as the tech giant explains:

The new ?? null coalescing operator removes the need for if and else statements if you want to get the value of a statement if it’s not $null or return something else if it is $null.

powershell 7 preview 5 brings productivity changes

Preview releases are installed side-by-side with stable versions

PowerShell version notification will inform you at startup if there is a new version available to download, while Tab completion for variable assignment helps with auto-completion of values for enums and variables.

In Preview 5, Format-HEX got improved, ConciseView and Get-Error changes offer more control over PowerShell errors, and Get-HotFix is back once again.

All these improvements make the final release of PowerShell 7 that much more exciting, especially now when preview releases are installed side-by-side with stable versions, for comparison and useful feedback.

What other features do you want to see in the final release of PowerShell 7? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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