How to block Windows 10 Creators Update from installing

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Microsoft has always advised its users to upgrade to the latest Windows version. However, 75% of all Windows users are still running old OS versions. Windows 10 is running on 25% of the world’s computers, despite Microsoft’s continuous efforts to convince users to upgrade.

When Windows 10 was first launched, many users simply refused to upgrade for various reasons. As a result, Windows 7 currently has a 49.42% market, share, while the good old Windows XP holds an impressive 7.45% market share.

Will Windows 10 Creators Update outperform the Anniversary Update OS? That’s hard to tell since Microsoft will launch the Creators Update on April 11, and we haven’t got enough user feedback to analyze.

However, we’ve noticed there’s an interesting trend on Microsoft’s forum. More and more users are searching for ways to prevent Windows 10 Creators Update from installing. Could it be that the Creators Update faces the same fate as the Anniversary Update?

I have been in the Insider program , and tried the preview versions from 15002 to 15055. I have Games that won’t run with these windows versions […] When I left the Insider program, and went back to release ver 1607, I have no problems with the Games.

Is there a simple way of preventing Windows 10 Creators Edition Update from downloading and installing, without stopping Windows Defender updates?

How to block Windows 10 Creators Update downloads

Install KB3073930

Cumulative update KB3073930 lets users block or hide Windows or driver updates. You can download the update from Microsoft’s Support page.

Configure your wireless connection as metered

Go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > click your wireless connection > scroll down then toggle on Metered.

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is planning to force updates even on metered connections. However, until official confirmation is available, it is worth trying out this solution.

Defer the Creators Update OS

Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Advanced Options > Defer feature updates.

This feature is available only on Windows 10 Pro.

Tweak the registry

Before using this solution, back up your registry in case anything goes wrong.

1. Open Group edit policy by searching it in search bar.

2. Click on Administrative templates under Computer configuration

3. Go to All settings > select Configure automatic update > open it

5. Here you’ll see three options: Not configured, Enabled and Disabled

6. Select the Enabled option > click Notify for download and notify for install > click okay.

If you’ve come across other solutions to avoid upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update, list the steps to follow in the comment section below.


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In 10 Pro, gpedit, admin temps, win comps, win update, select “Specify intranet MS update service location”; enable and complete first two fields with the same bogus server name of your choosing (e.g. http://fuMS). Click OK.
Now try searching for updates. See what I mean…?

*Tweak the registry* – Open the group policy editor.

Nope. Stop regurgitating things you dont understand. Regedit and GPedit are two extremely different things. Group Policy Editor IS NOT INCLUDED in Windows Home edition, Pro only. And its got literally nothing to do with the registry.

Additionally, to the author of this article. I am admittedly using a Dutch version of Windows, but this has never been a problem in finding, checking or tweaking my Registry. Until this article. You tell us to look for ‘Group edit policy’ in the search bar. I am assuming you mean that I first have to start Regedit (though you don’t say that). The reason I doubt myself on this, is that my Win10 Regedit has no search bar (it has ‘Ctrl f’ – or ‘Edit / Search’ dialog screen, but no search bar). Where is this search bar? I am at a loss, because the search function in Regedit returns nothing for ‘Group edit policy’, ‘Group’ (or the Dutch: ‘Groep’), ‘Administra*’, or ‘update’ (same in Dutch). So where and how exactly am I supposed to find this setting in the registry in order to tweak it? Nearly every article I have ever read on changing registry settings, gives step by step instructions on how to find the right place to change a setting. Except this article, which ends up leaving me high and dry not able to find any of the cryptic clues you give. How about some help that I can actually make work?

Also, the KB3073930 doesn’t actually help at all with keeping the Creators’s update from downloading. This article is mostly about rolling back drivers. The tool doesn’t list the Creator’s update because MS considers it an essential update, not one that the user should be allowed to block.
actually posted by David; Crissie’s husband 🙂

You should not really be messing with registry settings if you need step by step instructions, in my opinion.

gpedit is not found. Could be a “Dutch version of Windows problem”. Which I mentioned before (having a Dutch version), and which is why I need detailed instructions, since none of the previous instructions correspond to anything I can find. The only thing that still works to edit the registry is “regedit” but that does not correspond in any way to the previous instructions (as mentioned).

Apparently Riyaz Sheikh thinks I am 100% right, but I have no idea what I might be right about (I like being right, so would like to know what about). 🙂


Which version of Windows 10 do you have? If you have the home version Gpedit is not natively installed. I saw a place where it shows how you can install it on the home version, but I have absolutely no idea if that is a good thing to do so I don’t recommend it.

The author has zero clue waht he is on about. (Like pretty much every other self help website)

Group Policy editor is something completely different from Registry Editor, and only Windows 10 Pro has group policies.

Disable Windows 10 Home from upgrading to Windows 10 Creator.
I did a chat with Joseph from the Microsoft support page and here is what he outlined for me.

In Cortana, type “Services.msc”
Look for the service “Windows update” and right click, select Properties
In the General tab choose the start up type as “Disabled”. If the service is Started, stop and restart. Reboot the laptop. You will be notified of any updates and will be able to pick and choose what updates to install the system will not automatically install the updates. So long as you don’t click on “Install” at the Windows 10 Creator notification screen, Windows 10 Creator will not be installed. You will still get notifications to upgrade, simply ignore them and eventually the notifications will stop.


Ernie, MS helpdesk (chat) tells me: Windows update service disabled = no more updates. So will I or will I not “be notified of any updates and be able to pick and choose what updates to install…?” The guy on chat was pretty adamant that this was not a good option.

No you wont be notified and no more updates will be downloaded for any reason until you restart the service.

Thats why this article is an absolute load of rubbish. You CANNOT disable updates using regeditor as the ‘disable’ option is NOT BUILT INTO WINDOWS. Group Policy has nothing to do with registry editing and is not available on the Home version of windows, and disabling updates via services cripples your update service (which actually isnt as bad as people think) and using a ‘paid’ internet connection just has exactly the same effect.

What i want to know is, who can i get to prosecute microsoft for sneaking malware onto my computer, then automatically downloading GBs of data i have to pay for, despite uninstalling this crap several times now.

Yeah, me too. I’d like to get my hands on whoever at Microsoft is responsible for shoving this ‘MALWARE’ down our throats. Every time my windows 8 machine starts into one of these “windows 10 creators updates” it becomes useless for at least 45 minutes and then takes much longer to boot up the next time it’s turned on. We’re through with any microsoft software. If anyone knows of any class action lawsuit starting against Microsoft for this outrage, I’d like to hear about it.