Here’s how to prevent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update install

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As some might already know, Microsoft is already planning to release the next patch after the Creators Update. Intuitively called the Fall Creators Update, it seems to be nothing more than a compilation of new features and changes to already existing ones. So basically, it’s a regular update which will be coming soon.

Not everyone is going to be happy about Microsoft shoving a new update down their throat. There are a lot of problems and reasons that are valid reasons for which someone wouldn’t want to install the new update on their PCs.

Too much of a hassle

The thing about new updates is that they don’t just change the things that you want to see changed, but also the ones that you don’t want to see changed. What that means is that many people would prefer staying on their existing Windows 10 build rather than having to install the Fall Creators Update.

If you didn’t know, you aren’t forced to install the update even though it might seem like you don’t have much of a choice. If having a new update completely mess up your setup or scramble your perfect configuration, you can actually prevent it.

How to stop Windows from installing the Fall Creators Update

The thing about Microsoft’s update plan is that the tech giant has pretty much split its user base into two categories: On one hand there is the regular bunch which will receive the update as scheduled, and then there’s the business class which won’t have to worry about updates being deployed on day one.

The latter category will only receive updates once Microsoft confirms that the new features and changes are ready for the enterprise level. By default, users are part of the first category so the first step against automatic updates would be to switch sides and enroll in the business category.

Nice Creators Update feature

Starting with the original Creators Update, Microsoft has made it possible for users to delay new updates. The regular user category is capable of delaying an update for up to a full year since its release, which is plenty of time to get used to the idea of change. Seeing as how you can postpone updates for a full year, many might be wondering what the point of switching to the business class is. Well, the

Well, the 365-day delay starts the countdown from the release of the update. As mentioned earlier, the business class will get updates slower, 4 months after the regular user class will be more specific. It might not seem that important when to put next to a full year, but 4 months is actually a lot of extra time you can add to your delay timer just by enrolling in the business segment for updates.



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