Prey Demo available on Xbox One on April 27

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The Prey demo will let you battle the Thpyon and protect Earth from the alien threat. Prey is the reboot of the first-person shooter that didn’t get to have a sequel and left the fans quite disappointed. Now, the game is being remade in a whole new way by Bethesda.

The company is going to release it in May, but you’ll get to have a taste due to a playable demo programmed for release on April 27, just a week before the launch. This is going to show the first hour of the game, and it’s going to be quite a teaser, giving us the occasion of having a glimpse of what lies ahead for Morgan Yu.

Xbox One Prey Demo

The demo is headed for both the Xbox One and the PS4; there still hasn’t been any news on whether the demo will also be available on PC.

The action is placed aboard the Talos I, a space station orbiting the Moon during some hard times, after a species of horrifying aliens called Typhon have broken loose from the prison cells on the base. You’re playing Morgan Yu and your goal is to fight the alien threat preventing the Typhon from reaching planet Earth. Morgan is more than a regular human; he’s going to have some abilities that are very similar to the ones of Typhon and you’re going to be able to do more than just shoot around.

The beauty of Prey is the fact that the game is set in an alternate version of Earth’s timeline. In the game, President Kennedy actually existed and his desire of exploring Cosmos has pushed humanity far into space. This draw the attention of an alien race called Typhon. You’ll see the rest for yourself, as you’re going to play this cool sci-fi game.

Prey’s official release date is May 5 and you can place your pre-order right now to start playing as soon as possible.



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