Cortana watches your every move to offer proactive suggestions

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Build 2018 continued and Microsoft has more news to get out of its sleeve. The latest significant announcement was made yesterday, May 8th when Joe Belfiore unveiled Microsoft’s idea for a revamped virtual assistant, a new Cortana UI of Windows 10. He also said that the revamped Cortana would reach Insiders in a future build.

The new Cortana UI features raise a privacy issue

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The Microsoft Graph will inspire the next Cortana user interface and it, also seems that it will be designed in such a way to become more proactive and come up with more relevant suggestions based on the intensity and frequency of what users have been working on.

This is where things get tricky because all these changes seem to involve more snooping around from Microsoft with Cortana as a “detective,” keeping a close eye on your work. Of course, more personalized suggestions based on our work does sound great, but it’s also important to look deeper and understand what this really means for your privacy.

Anyway, the whole UI is in the works, and we don’t have any definitive features, so it remains to be seen how everything will work and how much control we’ll have over the new Cortana UI.

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Cortana will be significantly different

The new Cortana will be completely different compared to the current versions of Windows 10. It will sport a broader UI with tiles running along the top for web search, Email, Documents, People, and Apps. The tiles in the middle section will show suggestions coming for Windows Timeline and the bottom section will be destined for Cortana’s general tips.

All these potential features are nothing more but a tease for the moment, and it’s best to check them all out on Microsoft’s official page to make your own opinion about what might come in future builds.



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