This is how Project Scarlett will attract more indie game devs

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Xbox senior director Chris Charla answered a few burning questions regarding the upcoming Project Scarlett and how it will impact the current gaming industry.

Among the many topics discussed, he stated that ID@Xbox is indeed going to work the same as before, even after Project Scarlett is launched.

This means that indie developers will not be any way affected, and shouldn’t be worried about being overshadowed by AAA game developers.

One way of achieving this is through Project Scarlett’s complete backwards compatibility, so no changes need to be made if games have already been created to be Xbox One compatible.

Is Project Scarlett compatible with Oculus Rift S? Here’s the answer.

Although not the most popular platform for indie game developers according to a survey, Chris Charla stated that he was pleased that more and more developers have started looking towards Xbox as a solution.

He expects this trend to grow even more when Project Scarlett will become a reality in 2020.

Xbox Game Pass and indie games

When asked whether or not the Xbox Game Pass subscription service negatively impacts the revenues for indie developers, Chris Charla stated that:

What we’ve seen is that folks who are in Game Pass, they spend more time playing games, they play more games, they even buy more games […].
The really exciting thing for independent developers is that while Game Pass is a great way for players to find their next favourite game, it’s also a really great way for developers to find their audiences.

Apparently, diminished revenue for the developers caused by having their games on sale would theoretically be overcompensated by the fact that the Xbox provides the developers with exposure most of them might have never even gotten in the first place.

The general idea behind Xbox’s relationship with indie developers would be to reach a mutual agreement from which both the platform and the developers would benefit, either in the form of exposure, artistic expression or just plain revenue.


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