It’s official: Project Scorpio arrives on June 11th

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Project Scorpio has been on every Xbox lover’s mind ever since Microsoft gave us a brief look at they claimed to be the best console ever made. With the release of the Pro version of the PS4, Sony took the lead in console sales late last year. But it is believed that Xbox Scorpio will even out those numbers upon release — or even top them considerably.

Scorpio release date finally revealed

Microsoft will be showcasing the full capabilities of the Scorpio on the 11th of June during E3. This was confirmed by a teaser picture released by Microsoft, which also marked at a 2PM PDT time for the reveal.

There’s no doubt that Project Scorpio will steal the show due to the wide array of features it promises to introduce to the Xbox community. The image was sent out to the world via Twitter and accompanied by the message “Brace for big news”.

Subtle confirmation

The interesting thing is that Microsoft’s announcement doesn’t include words like “Scorpio”, “release”, or even “Xbox”. Granted, the tweet came from the official Xbox Twitter handle, so not jamming “Xbox” in a tweet’s character cap is understandable. That being said, how did people figure out that the teaser references Project Scorpio? The answer is pretty simple and quite intriguing: The image itself is a 4K chip, and the current generation Xbox consoles can’t handle that type of Ultra HD resolution.

Final thoughts

With 4K being marketed as one of Scorpio’s greatest attributes alongside a slew of high-end features included in the deal, Microsoft is looking at a pretty excited crowd at E3.