The Project Scorpio Xbox Developer Kit is the most powerful game creation tool

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The Xbox team has been working very hard preparing the Project Scorpio for release later this year and managed to ship the Project Scorpio Xbox Developer Kit just last month.

Project Scorpio was announced a while ago so it would reach the hands of game creators as fast as possible. Now, everybody is impatiently waiting to see what kind of immersive true 4K gaming experiences can be produced. We’ll probably get to see the first ones starting at E3 this year.

Project Scorpio Xbox Developer Kit

The Project Scorpio Xbox Developer Kit is a one a kind design and according to the developers “the most powerful place to create and play.”

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said that creativity and innovation from the industry are the elements driving developers and Project Scorpio is a console with the goal of becoming the “ultimate place for developers to realize their visions and the best place to play any Xbox game.”

Project Scorpio involves building the first true 4K console for gamers with an emphasis on compatibility so that no one is left behind. Project Scorpio includes the Xbox One Development Kit and a suite of software for making the most of the platform.

After an interview with Kevin Gammill from the Xbox Engineering team in which he talked the kit’s power and functionality, user complaints bemoaned the lack of USB-C because it means zero chances for it on the retail kit.

First issues

According to a user named TheHeraldOfDeath, “looking at the current WMR headsets, they use a flimsy HDMI-USB-A combo cable, which means it’s going to be a mess to hook up to this. I also hope your PCB won’t warp due to heat since it’s basically upside down, otherwise expect RRoD all over again.” He also asked the developers if they plan on upping available resources for UWP development on the Scorpio, but he didn’t get an answer yet.

We’ll just have to wait some more and see what the Project will bring.


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