Project Spark Game for Windows Gets a Big Update, Download for Free Now

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Project Spark is an amazing game for Windows users, as it allows them to basically create games on their own! If this sounds amazing, then I invite you to find out more about the latest update it has received.
project spark windows download free
If you have already downloaded Project Spark on your Windows laptop, tablet, PC or hybrid, then you need to know about the latest update that it has received, because it’s a big one! So, let’s have a look at the new features, as well as the various bug fixes and improvements that have been made available.

  • Achievements: Daily Obsession is being awarded properly, for reals
  • Audio: Fixed the audio stutter that happened when loading large levels. Audio icons are appearing correctly again in the marketplace, brains, and galleries
  • Brains: Using [turn] [slowly] [towards] to make a child object turn towards another object in the world no longer results in the object spinning extra revolutions or continually. Using the B Button Icon with [display] works properly again.
  • Champions Quest: Teleporting into the cave entrance at the end of 1-2 with Seph no longer causes a soft lock. All XP is properly being given in Champions Quest (fixed on in services prior to release)
  • Create: Fixed the tail socket on the Wolf. Fixed a crash that could happen when editing a long level description. Overwriting a previously saved assembly will work properly now. The material pallet no longer resets to the first slot when returning to edit mode
  • Crossroads: Avalon, Haakon and Seph can properly equip the feather in the Owl Hunters encounter
  • Kinect: Fixed a crash that could happen when saving an extremely short Kinect recording
  • Play: Create mode elements should no longer appear on screen briefly when selecting Play
  • Tutorials: Missing VO is playing again
  • General Updates: Keyboard shortcuts work properly on Xbox One. Text Fixes and Localization Improvements. Overall Stabilization and Bug Fixing

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