Handpicked Insiders are already testing Project xCloud

by Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft reportedly invited some Windows and Xbox Insiders to test its much awaited Project xCloud. The participants are going to help Microsoft by testing the project and providing their valuable feedback.

Twitter user IdleSloth1984 initially announced the news on social media. The tweet reveals that Iron Powder is currently testing xCloud on Android devices.

The tech giant started testing the upcoming xCloud service a few months ago. There were some reports that employees are allowed to stream from anywhere they want.

The decision was a bit surprising for the many because Microsoft initially planned to release the public preview in the Fall of 2019.

However, this indicates that Microsoft has completed the internal testing phase and is ready to accept feedback from users.

Did you know Project xCloud lands this fall and lets you stream games on all platforms?

Only a few games on the list

The UI is not finalised yet and we expect to see an improved version in the final release — maybe even a whole different UI design.

Insiders who are invited to test the Project xCloud in the first phase have limited game choices at the moment. They have access to two popular titles including Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7.

Furthermore, some can also play Gears of War 4, Disneyland Adventures and Crackdown 3. It is too early to says if Microsoft plans to add more games to the existing list of a few titles.

There is also the possibility that Insiders may get access to all Xbox One games soon.

Furthermore, the gaming community is still curious to find out why other participants are not posting any images on social media. Maybe the Insiders are bounded by some sort of NDA that is restricting them from sharing any details about the Project xCloud.

However, it is unlikely that the agreement is the only reason behind it. We can not deny the fact only a small group of participants have access to test the project right now.

Truth be told, some gamers are actually jealous of the lucky winners and they want to know what selection criteria Microsoft used.

We’ll closely monitor the social media activity and let you know once more details are available.


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