Protect Cloud Files Across Multiple Services and Devices with Sookasa for Windows

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Sookasa wants to help companies use popular cloud services like Dropbox and Gmail and to transparently encrypting sensitive data. This is a tool aimed at business users who want to make sure that their cloud store files are indeed safely secured.
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Sookasa encrypts files on the Dropbox cloud and connected devices, and allows you to share files and folders securely. Once you install the application on your computer, you will notice that a new folder inside Dropbox called “Sookasa” is created.

Any files you place inside this Sookasa folder will now be encrypted automatically on your device before they synchronize to Dropbox. This means your files are encrypted everywhere, whether on Dropbox’s cloud, or stored on any of the devices Dropbox is connected to.

There are several ways to share encrypted files and folders with Sookasa. To share folders with sensitive information, Sookasa users must first give permission to authorized users on the Sookasa dashboard ( Afterwards, they can simply use the native Dropbox folder sharing interface.

For users sharing an individual file, they can generate and send secure links to any recipient (even if they do not have Sookasa or Dropbox installed) through Windows Explorer as well as through the Sookasa dashboard. From the Dropbox Windows application, users can right-click on any file and choose to share a link securely via Sookasa.

Similarly, users can browse for a file in the Sookasa dashboard and share a secure link with someone else. In both scenarios, users will be prompted to enter the authorized person’s email, and asked to send this link to the authorized person.

Only the authorized person’s email can open this shared link to download the file. Sookasa provides several additional features that help users remain HIPAA and FERPA compliant when using Dropbox. From the Sookasa dashboard, you can see audit trails of every access to your sensitive files.

Team administrators have central management capabilities such as setting the team’s automatic log off time and revoking access remotely to any device in case of a theft or loss (which is the most common scenario of a HIPAA breach).

Sookasa is now available for download on Windows, but it will also work with Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android and there’s a free 30 day trial that you can use before choosing the paid plan.

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