This PUBG Xbox One concept art makes you want to buy the game more than you already did

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PUBG concept design

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Player Unknown’s Battleground is now available for pre-order on the Xbox One, with an eventual release come this December 12th. It will be interesting to see if PUBG becomes the most popular game on the Xbox One considering its performance on Steam, with millions of active players at any given moment. But, if you’re still not convinced the Xbox One version of the game is worth your time and money, perhaps this ad concept below will convince you:

Player Unknown's Battleground ad concept

The visual of this ad is impressive and perfectly depicts the arrival of PUBG on the Xbox One. Some gamers added that although the concept looks nice, it’s far too delicate for the game’s theme. Other suggested that a red ring of death or an image of an Xbox sticking out of a wall would better convey the game’s theme.

Other gamers simply love the concept:

This is a really cool minimalistic ad, nice work! It works especially well because the central focus of the ad requires a second or two to discern what it is. The increased focus a person is required to give it will enhance recall in the future. Great concept

What do you think about this art concept? Did it convince you to pre-order the game? Tell us what you think about this ad concept in the comment section below.



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