Microsoft will block Xbox One mouse and keyboard in PUBG

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Any gamer who plays the fantastic massively popular online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds knows that it is not without problems. Perhaps, the biggest problem with this game has to do with some of it’s players.

Namely, we are talking about the players that use cheats to gain an advantage in the game. It isn’t exactly a secret that PUBG is riddled with cheaters. Since PUBG is a highly competitive game, it can be very frustrating for players to come across a cheater in game.

Not only a problem for PC players

PUBG is a game that is available on both PC and Xbox One. There are countless cheaters on the PC version of the game, and the developers behind the game have released update after update in attempt to eliminate the problem.

Most of these cheaters using the PC version of the game use third party software such as aim bots, speed boosters, etc, to improve their gameplay. On the other hand, because of the way the console is set up, Xbox One users find it harder to find this type of cheating software.

A different type of cheating

That’s why Xbox players cheat in a different way. Xbox One PUBG cheaters have been known to be utilizing XIM hardware, which allows them to use a mouse and keyboard on the console.

This gives them a massive advantage over players who use the controllers designated for the Xbox. The reason behind this is that it is far easier to navigate and aim with the mouse and keyboard then it is with a console controller.

Microsoft looking to put a stop to this unfair advantage

pubg mouse keyboard xbox banned

Microsoft realized that this makes the battle field unfair for all of those involved. That’s why they are currently looking into ways that will prevent users from using keyboard and mouse controls on the Xbox platform.

The team in Microsoft have been gathering information from the game for a few months now. They are expecting to release a fix very soon.

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Great news for PUBG players on Xbox One

While this type of cheating isn’t very common, Microsoft is determined to eliminate any unfair method a player may take advantage of. However, this recent announcement was quite surprising, considering that Microsoft has also recently announced that it is considering officially allowing it’s Xbox family to support the mouse and keyboard.

If you are a regular gamer, you will most likely agree that it is much easier to play shooting games with a mouse and keyboard. In fact, most people that do not like the Xbox One version of PUBG complain that the console controllers are simply not flexible enough to play a battle royal game.

The control scheme for the Xbox version is poorly optimized. Users have great difficulty playing the game, especially when it comes to managing their inventories.

Of course, if Microsoft allows people to use a mouse/ keyboards as well as the game pad on the same game, then there will be unfair matches. However, the majority of the Xbox fan base seem to react positively to this news. Because not only will adding a mouse and keyboard to the Xbox family make it more attractive to PC gaming users, but it will also arguably make some games more enjoyable.


There are of course pros and cons to both the pad and keyboard/mouse. Some prefer the mouse for it’s precision and quickness, while some people prefer the pad for it’s feel. However, most tend to agree that having the ability to choose your gear is ideal.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s move to ban mouse and keyboard users from Xbox One PUBG games? Do you think that having a mouse and keyboard connected to the Xbox One will make for better gaming experiences? Feel free to comment below!


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This is pretty lame and directly contradicts what MS just said about NOT blocking KB&M usage and leaving it up to developers. Also, how is using a KB&M against PC players in the same game cheating? Short answer: it’s not. Although it could be argued that deliberately placing yourself at a disadvantage (you guys do seem to consider your controllers a disadvantage) is kinda stupid. And here’s one final little newsflash for you. It ain’t magic. I play War Thunder mainly. If you think just having a KB&M is going to put you on a par with someone like PhlyDaily, Jengar, NapalmRatte or Green Fury (or even me), you’re in for a very rude awakening. Using a KB&M in a game like War Thunder still requires quite a bit of skill and knowledge and time spent mastering strategy and tactics, not to mention teamwork which is almost totally absent from most other games. Personally, I couldn’t care less about games like PUGB, COD, etc… because they really are overloaded with cheaters and trolls. It’s not fun and it never will be.

This comment is subjective BS. The whole article is highlighting PubG because of the type of shooter it is. KB+M reign supreme against a gamepad due to the accuracy of a Mouse, I play a lot of PubG on PC and on Xbox and it is very VERY clear that KB+M provide superior accuracy, recoil control, response time among other things. There is no way in hell two people of equal skill level, one on KB+M and the other with a gamepad, will ever have a gamepad averaging the winner. NEVER.

What planet are you on WHY would you think K&M on console is as good as you make it sound? REAL research online shows people are pissed with this and not happy with it at all. The only people are biased K&M crutch users like yourself who want to carry your effortless, fly swatter aiming onto consoles. Yeah an xbox is REALLY gonna attract pc players….Ya know since Xbox games are on PC!!!! Who do you think your fooling?

You do know that even the PS4 supports keyboard and mouse right?
You see, not everyone can get a great PC setup. Or think about it this way; a $500 console is far better than a $500 PC right? So if one isn’t financially good, it’s better to opt for a console that supports kb&m. Besides, the $500 console is going to last much longer than the PC because games are more optimized for the console. What Sony and Microsoft can do is to put the players in separate lobbies unless a kb&m and a controller player wants to play together.