Eve Pyramid Flipper Windows 10 hybrid to be available for pre-order this September

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World’s first crowd-designed Windows 10 tabletthe Eve Pyramid Flipper should be available for pre-orders starting from late September or early October this year. Finnish developer, Eve, recently announced that the Pyramid Flipper will be available exclusively on Indie Go Go.

Eve said that the reason for them to sell its product only on Indie Go Go is because they don’t have time for setting up an online store, but instead want to focus on developing the device.

“It is really easy to run preorders there [on Indie GoGo] and we will have much less hustle creating a fully functional web store at this stage. We would like to focus on the product and its exceptional quality now so Indie Go Go is a perfect platform to run preorders for us. Also as the project becomes successful there we would be able to attract more people from Indie Go Go.”

If you want to pre-order the Pyramid Flipper, you need to act fast, and grab your device as soon as it becomes available, as only 500 tablets will be manufactured in the first wave. However, the company plans to re-open pre-orders from this year’s December, this time on its own website, so even if you don’t manage to get your Pyramid Flipper at first, you’ll have another chance.

There are still a lot of unknown stuff about this tablet. We still don’t know the price, and even the name is not confirmed. Eve released a list of specifications earlier this year, but since the whole community takes part in its development, there could easily be some more changes. But as September approaches, the company will have to finish everything, so we’ll have more info about the Pyramid Fire soon.

Tell us in the comments, what do you think about this device, and the whole idea of using crowdsourcing for developing it?



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