Visual Studio update brings Python and Call Hierarchy support

by Matthew Adams
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Python in Visual Studio Code is one of the biggest extensions for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor with millions of users. The big M has announced a new update release for the Python in Visual Studio Code extension. In addition, Microsoft has updated Java on Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft’s Program Manager for the Python extension announced the new update on its blog. There the big M confirmed a new update that provides 59 enhancements and bug fixes for Python in Visual Studio Code. Those include enhancements for the extension’s Jupyter Notebook editor, which enables users to share code and visualizations.

Among the most notable enhancements for the extension is the new kernel selection in the Jupyter Notebook. Now the editor displays the current kernel you’re utilizing at the top right of its window. You can also select an alternative Python kernel by clicking the current kernel.

The latest Python in Visual Studio Code release enables users to auto activate environments in an open terminal when they launch the extension. To enable that, users need to add the following setting to their settings.json files: “python.terminal.activateEnvInCurrentTerminal“: true. Thereafter, a selected environment will automatically activate when users open Python in Visual Studio Code.

The latest Python in Visual Studio Code extension is generally faster. Microsoft says that the Jupyter server starts twice as quickly. Creating new and opening saved Jupyter Notebooks is also twice as fast in the updated extension.

Microsoft has also fixed a widely reported bug for Python in Visual Studio Code’s ctags tool. The bug fix ensures tags within the .vscode folder get rebuilt when users start the extension. Users can enable that fix by adjusting the “python.workspaceSymbols.rebuildOnStart” setting to true.

Call Hierarchy support for Java on Visual Studio

Aside from the Python extension, Microsoft’s Mr. Xiaokai announced a January update for Java on Visual Studio Code. He confirmed that the big M has introduced the much anticipated Call Hierarchy support for Java on Visual Studio Code. Now users can utilize a Call Hierarchy view that shows all function calls by right-clicking a function and selecting Peek > Peek Call Hierarchy.

In addition, Microsoft has made a few UI enhancements for Java on Visual Studio Code. The most notable UI changes have been made to Visual Studio Code’s File Explorer. Now its File Explorer displays child folders in a compact form with combined tree element.

You can check out the latest Python extension at its Marketplace page. Click the Install button there to download it. Alternatively, you can install the latest Python extension from Visual Studio Code’s extension gallery.


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