You could soon play Quake Champions on your Xbox

by Claudiu Andone
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  • The question on every gamer's lips is if we will see Quake Champions on Xbox, now that Microsoft owns Bethesda and id Software.
  • Unquestionably, the action title is still extremely popular, and it would be welcomed.
  • However, there are some possible issues, like the compatibility to controller movement.
  • Benefits may be surpassed by the costs and amount of work necessary to adapt it.
When will we see Quake Champions on Xbox

Microsoft completed its acquisition of Bethesda and id Software, and now the question is obvious: Will we see Quake Champions on Xbox?

It’s a pretty interesting gaming question since Quake Champions has its pretty big share of fans that would also be more than delighted to get it to a more friendly environment on their controllers.

The question stirred a much-waited discussion on Reddit as a gamer imagined how this could work:

I’d pay to play it with all the DLC in order to get it for the Xbox. And don’t worry it should only have cross player with the same input type. So console peasants playing with a controller can only play with other controller players.

We’ll try to bring our opinion to the plate and also get your feedback on the matter.

Will we ever see Quake Champions on Xbox?

The question is pretty hard to get a straight answer, but we need to take into consideration some important aspects before we even begin.

It’s clear that Quake Champions is a great title, with an excellent fan base and Microsoft could take advantage of that to promote its Xbox console even more.

Now, Quake is a fast-pace, action game and its dynamics on PC is greatly adapted to the mouse and keyboard gameplay.

However, there are gamers out there that do a great job playing with their controller on the PC. Even so, you need a nice skill level to do that.

Console limitations and costs advise not to

The console games are adapted to the controller limitations and even the hardware limitations for that matter.

That brings us to the point that Quake Champions would have to be modified seriously to fit the new requirements and that might be too costly for the benefits.

And there’s also a question about the online multiplayer. Would we have different servers for controller gamers?

So, do we want this title on Xbox? You bet we do. Will we ever see it running on Xbox? We would say that it’s improbable, but we would love to be contradicted.

In the meantime, we have great news about some new triple-A Bethesda titles coming on Xbox so you can have that to console you.

What do you think about the possibility of Quake Champions coming to Xbox? Leave us your opinions in the comments below.

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