Quantum Break is Ready for Windows 10, Waltzes Through the Windows Store

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It is by now a tradition on world’s leading game distribution platforms to list games in the store before their actual release date, so users can pre-purchase the game, check out the specs, trailers, and more. As you probably know, Microsoft also wants to make its Windows 10 Store a competitive platform for both apps and games distribution, so it began with similar approach as other platforms.

Walking Cat, a Windows enthusiasts informed his followers on Twitter that the game listing for the upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 blockbuster game, Quantum Break appeared in the Windows Store recently. The Store listing showed the most important features of the game, as well as the system requirements. But, just some time after the game was listed in the Store, it has been removed.

Quantum Break comes to Windows 10

We’re not sure about the reason of removing the game listing from the Store. It might be because the game is still unavailable for pre-purchase, so Microsoft may bring it back, once this option is available. Again, this is just our way of thinking, and it doesn’t have to be the truth, since we have no official info from neither Microsoft nor Remedy.

As Microsoft said, Quantum Break will represent the start of the revolution of how games on Windows 10 and Xbox are delivered. Namely, users who buy the game for one platform, will also be able to play it on another. Also, the game features extremely good sync options, which will allow users to access their saved games on both platforms. Killer Instinct: Season 3 is another upcoming game which will get the cross-platform functionality.

Quantum Break is expected to hit the Store on April 5th, and it will be released for both Windows 10 and Xbox One on the same day. The game will also be the third ‘Triple A’ game that will be featured in the Windows Store, after Rise of the Tomb Raider and recently released Gears of War. So, we can already say that Microsoft doesn’t waste any time when it comes to developing the Store as a major distribution platform, because we expect even more ‘big names’ in the future.


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