Microsoft launches Quantum Dev Kit with Q# programming language

by Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft just launched its first public preview of the Quantum Development Kit. If you don’t know that this is, well it’s time to find out that the Quantum Development Kit will support and help developers to learn how to program a quantum computer. Quantum computers are rumored to be the very future of computing.

Together with the Quantum Development Kit, Microsoft also launched the Q# programming language, a quantum computing simulator, and more varied resources to support developers in their debut with Quantum Computing development.

The new SDK, integrated into Visual Studio

Krysta Svore who is one of the leading researchers from Microsoft and who has been leading the development of the quantum software and simulator stated that the company’s hopes revolve around playing with “something like teleportation” and getting all intrigued by the issue.

The new SDK is deeply integrated into Visual Studio. This means that it will definitely be familiar to developers who have been developing apps in other programming languages.

Simulating quantum computing using a typical PC

The local quantum simulator will be able to be used in order to simulate around 30 logical qubits of quantum computing power. This will be done by using a typical PC. Such a thing will enable developers to debug a quantum code and test programs on small instances straight on their computers.

On the other hand, developers who are looking for challenges that come on a larger scale, Microsoft thought of them as well, and the company announced an Azure-based simulator that will be able to simulate over 40 logical qubits of computing power.

You can currently download the Quantum Development Kit from Microsoft’s official page. On its blog, Microsoft details all the necessary information regarding the future of computing which lays in Quantum, and you can take a look to check out more data regarding the subject.

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