Quark VR available with HTC and wireless Vive

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This year, the gaming world was given a very real sneak peek at the future of VR: HTC collaborated with Valve in order to release their much-awaited HTC Vive. The product costs $799 and has been a success, perhaps because it has a certain advantage in Steam VR, a collection of VR titles for this particular headset. At the same time, many appreciate it because it lets you create content and share it with millions of people you can have as friends on Steam.

This new gadget even received a CES 2016 award for Best New Gadgets and Tech. If you buy it, it comes with two base stations, earbuds, games, Vive accessories, a link box and two wireless controllers.

For now, in order for it to work, you have to physically connect the device to a PC compatible with Vive. The PC is, in fact, the source of the VR and provides power for it to run, even using its GPU for processing. However, this is going to change, with Intugame’s newest product.

Quark VR plans to take out the need of connecting a VR headset to a computer, thus making it more independent and easier to play. Intugame ran some tests and succeeded in connecting the Vive headset to a computer through a small gadget. The gadget is connected to Vive and intermediates signals between the PC and the VR headset using Wi-Fi.

According to the company, it was hard to resolve the delay caused by a connection to Wi-Fi, but it is getting closer and closer to making it work in real time. It seems that this fall, the company will be releasing a prototype, but there is no official date announced just yet.



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