No HDR confirmation for RAGE 2 just yet

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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No HDR confirmation Rage 2

RAGE 2 has already gained a lot of attention from the gaming community.

Many gamers are disappointed that developers have not announced HDR support for this popular game. One player even created a forum thread to bring this issue to the spotlight.

However, there are some gamers who think that HDR is important for the game. They believe that HDR will just add a wider range of colors to Rage 2 but the game is not going to look better with HDR support. 

Others are convicned there is no point of releasing Rage 2 without this feature. One Reddit user stated:

I’m personally a little pissed. I don’t understand this. So all of us that spent a lot of money enhancing our consoles to next gen and went out and bought new 4K TVs have to settle. Just give us the option or don’t even release the game. I know myself and I am going to be constantly wondering what the game looks like in 4K the entire time I’m playing it. Especially since it looks like such a beautiful game!

Judging by gamers’ feedback, it seems that lack of HDR support might have a negative impact on the player base. Many gamers who spent a lot of money enhancing their consoles will most likely switch to other titles that do offer HDR support.

Over to you now: What’s you take on this? Do you still hope that RAGE 2 will get HDR support this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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