Raiders of the Broken Planet will soon hit Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
CEO & Founder
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Mercury Fox will release Raiders of the Broken Planet for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One in 2017. David Cox from Mercury Steam also revealed his team will bring the game to the Xbox Scorpio as well.

When asked for more details, the representative declared it was too early to know what exactly was possible with the as-of-yet unknown consoles. However, he believes they constitute great opportunities for developers to improve their game content and impress players. Since developers are also gamers themselves, he seems to be really thrilled for what the future brings for this domain, especially about the fact that Raiders of the Broken Planet will be hitting both Microsoft’s consoles.

This game itself is set in the Lira constellation, light years away from Earth. The planet featured in the game is in fact a hideout for the mafia that operates in space. One rule that players can’t forget is that whoever controls Aleph, controls the entire galaxy. As a player, you must defend Aleph and keep aliens at bay. For this, you can use a number of strategies which include using other Raiders or fighting the enemy in order to get your hands on the precious liquid.

Many fans are upset the title isn’t going to be released this year, so they’ll have to wait at least half a year until they’ll get the chance to play it. However, in September there will be a public beta release for those who want to test the game on PCs. The producers also presented a trailer at Gamescom 2016, revealing more gameplay images.