Rainbow 6 Blood Orchid update brings three new operators

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The highly anticipated Rainbow Six Siege Hong Kong Blood Orchid update coming at the end of this month will not only allow fans to unlock new operators, but also several new weapons, gadgets, and a new map. With all the hype around the new update, there was bound to be a few leaks of info about the content from Blood Orchid. Below we will talk about leaks and information about the operators that will be available on the soon to come update.

Information on Blood Orchid Operators

It is now confirmed that there will not only be one, but three new operators available in the near future. Ubisoft has already announced that one operator is from Poland, and the remaining two are from Hong Kong. The names for the two operators from Hong Kong are speculated to be named Lesion and Ying respectively. One will be male, while the other will be female. On the other hand, the Polish operator is female and will be named Ela.

Ying (Attacker Operator)

This female operator will feature special gadgets that will be similar to that of Echo and Blitz in the sense that it can temporarily disorientate or confuse the opponent. Furthermore, Ying is also an attacker operator like Blitz, but she doesn’t use a shield in order to get her stun off. Instead, she uses devices that can either be thrown like a grenade or anchored on a surface.

Her gadget is speculated to be able to act like Fuze’s cluster charges, but instead of injecting explosive grenades into a room it will inject stun, ‘dazzling’ grenades into the room. You will also have the option to throw the grenade, which makes the operator quite flexible similar to Hibana.

As for her load out, she will most likely have access to one or two of these primary guns: QBZ-95 LMG, SIX12SD Shotgun, and JS9 SMG. As for her secondary weapon, the operator will probably use the QSZ-92 CS/LP5 which is a sidearm that is typically used by current Hong Kong police officers.

Lesion (Defending Operator)

Leak Image of Lesion Operatord>>v>Lesion will have access to some of the guns mentioned above. His special gadgets are cloaked mines that release toxic gases when triggered. The gas will both injure and slow down opponents.

Ela (Defending Operator)3>

The Polish operator will also be able to place mines. However, these mines will cause impaired hearing and concussions instead of releasing damaging toxins.>

The Scorpion EVO3 A1 and Double Barrel DP-12 will be her two primary guns. The Ragun PR-15 will be the side arm available to her.

Speculated Load out of the new operatorsThe information in this article has mostly been confirmed by Ubisoft. However, it is still considered to be leaked information, so some of the content could change by the time the new update rolls in. The release date of the Hong Kong Blood Orchid update, which will be on August 29.


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