Rainbow Six Siege is almost unplayable on Windows 10 v1903

Rainbow Six Siege is almost unplayable on Windows 10 v1903 solved

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With the Windows 10 version 1903 barely upon us, some issues seem to come up more than others. A part of them are affecting the gaming community, and especially the Rainbow Six Siege players.

As one user stated,

Im having sound, stuttering and color issues with R6S after update

And he is not alone in this matter. A few other users confirmed the same problem and, even more, they said it’s not isolated to R6S

i am also having problems with other programs like unity. i am 100% it is windows side error. The log file for the crash confirms it

Game GSOD errors in Windows 10 v1903

It’s already a known fact that Windows’s update is dealing with some bugs. In the development of Windows 19H1 (aka 1903) there were some GSOD resulting problems with a number of anti-cheat services.

As a result, Microsoft blocked the update for Windows 10 users that were running games with anti-cheat software. Because the bugs were so frequent, this was the best possible solution to adopt.

Along with Rainbow Six Siege, other big titles like PUBG and Fortnite were affected. The range of problems can vary from low FPS and stuttering, to in-game freezes and sound issues.

Microsoft is taking the issue into their own hands. Again.

If until now, the only known workaround was to install the update via a ISO file and not to get the update directly via Windows Update, is seems that Microsoft addressed the problem.

They recently announced that the GSOD problems were resolved and the update block would soon be removed. Users will be able to install Windows v1903 without any problems and not bump into the same GSOD errors.

Although one of the big issues appears to be solved, others remain and could affect gamers and normal user alike. Be sure to check all the info available before updating.

Have you encountered similar bugs and issues in Windows 10 v1903? And how did you solve them? Be sure to leave the answers in the comments section below and we’ll take a look.


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