The latest Rainbow Six Siege patch boosts load times and improves graphics

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Ubisoft recently rolled out a major update to Rainbow Six Siege that will set the foundation for future patches. This massive 42GB update brings a bevy of bug fixes and gameplay improvements, and completely revamps the update deployment process.

The Rainbow Six Siege Y2S3.0 update

According to Ubisoft’s official web page, the patch comes in different sizes, depending on your platform. Here’s the patch size breakdown:

  • PC with Ultra HD – the patch will be 42GB
  • PC without Ultra HD – the patch will be 26GB
  • Xbox One – the patch will be 15GB
  • PlayStation 4 – the patch will be 15GB

With the help of this new patch, the company plans to reset the foundation that future patches will be built upon. The new patch Y2S3.0 will become the new baseline, and as a result, various existing data forges must be replaced. This is the reason for its massive size.

A forge stores all game data. This is actually a compressed archive. When a file included in the forge is modified, a new forge that contains the new file will be downloaded without replacing the original forge. The patching process will become much easier this way, reducing the download size as well. All these changes, will result in a smaller overall footprint on your drive.

Additionally, we have taken advantage of the fact that we are replacing all our forges to upgrade the compression algorithm used. This will reduce the overall size of all future patches by approximately 12-15% and will have an improvement on loading time as well.

The patch also brings some visual improvements and faster load times. Matches will now load around 10% faster on consoles.



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