Razer Viper: Say goodbye to accidental clicks

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Razer Viper takes Windows 10 gaming to the next level

Razer is preparing to launch their new mouse, the Razer Viper, and the specs look incredible.

Razer Viper is inredibly light

Razer is well-known in the gaming community as being one of, if not the biggest gaming peripherals manufacturer in the world. Their mice and keyboards are used by many Windows 10 gamers, even in esports.

Now, the company is launching an incredibly light mouse with some interesting features.

To get the specs out of the way, Razer Viper comes at only 69 grams, with Optical Mouse swithces for faster response time, onboard dpi storage, 8 programable buttons, and Razer’s famous 5G Optical Sensor, 16,000 DPI.

If the specs are specific to Razer, the weight of the mouse isn’t. The company never really focused on weight, when it comes to their mice.

Another innovation is the use of optical sensors for the mouse clicks. In other words, Razer implemented a laser system to make the click recognition faster and to get rid of any analog latency and accidental clicks.

The cable of the mouse also uses a new technology. They call it Speedflex and it’s smoother than a braded cable.

Razer’s new mouse has a symmetrical design

The last important thing to mention is that the mouse is ambidextrous. The symmetrical shape and ergonomics may not appeal to some, but the fact that Razer thought of all its users when they built it, is a very good thing.  

This mouse is somewhat targeting professional esports gamers, but it would be a great addition to any Windows 10 user.

In conclusion, if you like playing games on Windows 10, the Razer Viper will certainly improve the experience.

Keep in mind that Razer’s new mouse comes at $80, so it’s not the cheapest one out there. But if you can handle the price, with the multitude of features and the lightness, it’s worth every penny.

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