Razer’s Wolverine Ultimate is an excellent Xbox One and PC controller

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Wolverine Ultimate gaming controller

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We all know that there is a large difference between hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Now, the easiest way we can differentiate the two archetypes is by the games they play. However, another way to draw the line between the two group of gamers is by looking at the type of gaming gear they use. For instance, hardcore gamers will usually have top of the line or ‘professional’ hardware, while casual gamers tend to spend less money on hardware.

If you identify as a hardcore gamer then you will understand why it is important to have top quality gaming gear in your arsenal. Fortunately, Razer recently unveiled information about a new gaming controller specifically designed for the Xbox One and PC. This gaming controller is called the Wolverine Ultimate and it is considered to be professional grade.

Wolverine Ultimate — a versatile Xbox One/ PC controller

This top quality gaming controller is all about flexibility and customization options. For instance, it features RBB lighting that the user can customize to his or her preference. In fact, the controller is capable of displaying a range of 16.8 million colors. All the user has to do to personalize the lighting on the Wolverine ultimate is to download and use Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse gives the user the ability to choose a wide variety of color patterns including Spectrum cycling, Static, Wave, Breathing, and much more.

Wolverine Ultimate is the first Xbox console product to be compatible with Razer Chroma SDK. This allows developers to have full control over the lighting capabilities for Xbox One games. This will not only make gaming experiences more exciting, but also more immersive.

With this product you are also given two D-Pads, a number of thumbsticks, and 6 buttons and triggers that are remappable. The Wolverine Ultimate is unique because both the D-Pads and thumbsticks are interchangeable. In fact, the thumbsticks come with 3 different heights and shapes. Therefore, this Razer controller has the ability to adapt to any player’s hands.

The Wolverine Ultimate also features a hair-trigger mode that gives users a trigger stop for easier rapid fire. The grip is specifically designed to give the user a non-slip grip.

While there isn’t a wireless version of this model, the wire is detachable. Furthermore, it is made of braided fiber cable that is lightweight and 3 meters long.

Razer’s Wolverine Ultimate will be made available on their website on September. Other retailers should also start selling this controller towards the later part of Q4 2017. As for the price, the Wolverine Ultimate will cost $160 USD.



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