Red Dead Redemption sequel leaked map reveals game details

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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The Internet is such a marvelous land, basically everything you post remains anchored there for posterity.  Maybe this is a bit exaggerated, but fact is the Internet is the last place where you should put confidential information as the game company Rockstar recently found out.

The Red Dead Redemption sequel is still work in progress for the game developer but details about its maps already leaked on NeoGaf.  Attempts were made to pull the map but to no avail since it had already been seen and saved.

TechRadar went even further and got even more details about the game from “a source close to the developing team”. According to this source, the sequel is placed before the Redemption events and it should be  eastwards from the original map.The sequel should bring a much wilder West given the caravans scattered at large distances on the map.

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Despite all this evidence, Rockstar Games has not issued any comments on the matter. This has not stopped game fans from unleashing their imagination and talk about what they expect from the game.

One gamer pointed on NeoGaf that there was also a town called New Bordeaux in Mafia 3 as well.  Others suggested the game could bring some actions in the water given the amount of water visible on the map:

Imagining traversing through all that water on ship in a western setting seems pretty cool actually. So if something like that isn’t in the legitimate sequel I’ll be sad.

Half of the map is water, in a game where you can’t swim? They better get their shit together and let you jump in the water this time around.

The new locations made some gamers think that the sequel might be less western-like, nevertheless they are looking forward to hearing official information from the developer:

I’d love to see how they’d deal with these themes. That would be less Western-like, but since Rockstar has strong inspirations from movies (and good interpretations of them), and since it would work as a game system (revenge through bounty hunting, plantations as camps, if you play one slave (one of two or three characters?) you can get restricted areas in the cities or getting attacked while having fancy clothes or riding an horse… )That sure would be a perfect setting. Risky, heavy, touchy, benzy.

If you’re curious to read the forum threads about this leak, go here and here.


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