Microsoft to Delay Some Redstone Features Due to Focus on OneCore

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Microsoft plans to release the second major update for Windows 10, dubbed Redstone, in the first half of 2016. The update will reportedly be larger than the previous one, that was delivered in November 2015, but it looks like Microsoft will delay some features of the future update, because the company wants to focus on improving the internal system.

Microsoft to Work on Improvements of OneCore

The most recent Windows 10 Preview build, that was released last week, contains some optimizations for OneCore, a shared code that is present in all versions of Windows. But, at the time of the release of the Windows 10 Preview build, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul said that the company also works on improvements and changes of the code, and how it compiles updates.

“Multiple sources inside the company have said that some of the features for Redstone have been trimmed back because of the time dedicated to fixing the internal systems but that does not mean they are being scrapped. It’s the reality that development takes time and with multiple weeks allocated to OneCore and other internal systems (this is why there are no new features in the new builds of Windows 10 that have been released) this means to meet their deadline of the first half of 2016, feature priority must be adjusted.”

So, as you can see, these changes in OneCore will help Microsoft to better test builds and find bugs easier, but since the development of the code takes some time, the company will have to delay some features that were planned for Redstone Update, in order to meet the deadline, and release the update in the first half of 2016.

We don’t know which features have been set for delay, but since previous two Redstone builds for Windows 10 Preview didn’t introduce any new notable features, we don’t even know a lot about the upcoming Redstone additions.


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