Signing up for Remix 3D automatically creates an Xbox Live profile

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Remix 3D is a new Microsoft website which serves as a community for all 3D creators using Windows 10. The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update revolves around 3D, and Microsoft now offers its creators a dedicated platform where they can share their creations.

On Remix 3D, users can upload their creations, share them with others, and also remix their objects with real photos and edit other’s work. The Creators Update OS arrives on April 11, and Microsoft is working at full speed to add the finishing touches to its new 3D environment.

The company has recently revealed more details about Remix 3D and its connection to Xbox Live in a FAQ forum post.

The Remix 3D community features

  • When you sign up for Remix 3D, an Xbox Live profile is automatically created. The opposite is true as well, if you have an Xbox Live profile, you’re already connected to Remix 3D.
  • Your display name (gamertag) and pic (gamerpic) will be the same on and in the Xbox Live community.
  • You can chance your gamertag for free the first time you create a profile name. Additional changes can be made on Xbox’s website in exchange for a fee.  On the other hand, you can change your gamerpic for free as many times as you want. The changes will be visible on both platforms.
  • Your Remix 3D content will not be visible in Xbox experiences.
  • When you sign into Remix 3D, your profile and content will be visible to anyone who accesses

To access Remix 3D, all you need to do is to visit this page, enter your Microsoft Account login credentials, and you’re in.



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