Share your 3D creations on Remix 3D, Microsoft’s new community for creators

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One of the tools Microsoft presented at this week’s Windows Event was the new version of Paint, called Paint 3D. This update to the classic program allows users to mix real-life photographs with 3D objects as well as make your own 3D creations.

Microsoft also presented a new website at the Microsoft Event, called Remix 3D, which serves as a community for all 3D creators using Windows 10. On Remix 3D, you can upload your creations, share them with others, and also remix your objects with real photos and edit other’s work.

The existence of Remix 3D should encourage users to show off their amazing 3D creations or collaborations with others as well as give them more ideas for their work. The site is also a great alternative for users who are not so good at drawing and cannot make spectacular 3D objects in Paint 3D.

Remix 3D is for now available to users in US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand only. Microsoft has yet to announce when the site will become available in other regions, but we assume it’ll be available to the majority of users by the time of the Creator Update‘s release.

However, users from these regions can already join the Preview version of Remix 3D and start exploring thousands of 3D creations by other early-adopters of this unique tool. To access Remix 3D, all you need to do is to visit this page, enter your Microsoft Account login credentials, and you’re in.

What do you think about Remix 3D? Will you be visiting this site to get inspired and create your own three-dimensional little masterpieces? Tell us in the comments.



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