How to remove permission password from PDF using SwifDoo

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  • You have to remove the password from a PDF if you don't have the owner's permission.
  • There are two types of passwords protecting such a file, but you can only get rid of the editing protection.
  • The procedure is simple if you use a dedicated app that is available in a free trial version.
Remove password from PDF with SwifDoo

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PDF files are used by a lot of businesses, state, and law companies because they have a lot of protection features and can be digitally signed.

With PDF documents, there is also an option to lock the file from opening or editing and if you lose any of the passwords, things start to get complicated.

However, in this guide, we will help you get rid of the protection password from your PDF file and unlock it for editing by using a dedicated software for Windows.

What is the difference between viewing and editing protection?

We have good news and bad news! There are passwords and permissions that you can remove and some that you can’t.

That’s why we have to make a distinction between viewing protection and editing protection.

➡ The file is protected from viewing

If the PDF file is locked from opening, that means that the file is protected from viewing and unfortunately, without an unprotected copy somewhere, you can’t do anything about it.

The file will be protected from viewing

As you can see, there are two options available in the PDF editor and if you can’t open the document, the owner has selected the Viewing protection.

The file is protected from editing

On the other hand, if the owner chose the second option and set an Editing password, he or she can enforce a lot of restrictions later on to protect the file.

You can set a lot of permission restrictions

The file can be protected for printing, for copying any content, and even for access to the meta description of the document. This type of restriction is a lot easier to remove.

How can I remove password from PDF using SwifDoo PDF?

  1. Visit the SwifDoo PDF website and click the Free Download button.
  2. You will be prompted to download the installer and once it’s done, run it and click Install now.
  3. Now start the app and you will be greeted with a Sign-in option. You can ignore it and use the product free for 7 days or, if you create an account, the period extends for 30 days. We opted for creating an account to extend the trial duration.
  4. Once the sign-up is done, you will have access to a full guide on how to use SwifDoo PDF and a lot of features that we will discuss later on.
  5. Now drag-and-drop the PDF file in the program window or click Open from the SwifDoo main menu button and indicate the file from your PC.
  6. After the document opens, you will see if the PDF is protected and to get rid of it, just click the Permission Removal button from the top.
  7. Next, you need to decide whether you overwrite the file or save an unprotected copy by clicking the Overlay Original File box, then hit OK.
  8. You will receive the message that the password was sucessfully decrypted. Just click OK.

Of course, we included the whole process but after you install SwifDoo, it’s just a matter of opening your PDF file and making two clicks to remove its protection.

What are other important features of SwifDoo?

1. Complete PDF editing

To edit a PDF file, just click the Home button, then select the Edit option and indicate the document that you want to work on.

The Edit function is available from the Home button

After that, you will see countless options for editing, from simple text inclusion and deletion to formatting the page, adding links and images, and a lot more.

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You even have an OCR tool that you can click on from the top part of the window and get the text and images from one or multiple pages in just seconds.

You have multiple options for using the OCR tool

2. PDF convertor

With SwifDoo, you have no less than 10 conversion options from PDF, just by accessing the Convert tab in the upper part of the window.

The conversion option offers 10 tools

You can convert your PDF to Word and Excel files, to TXT, HTML or image, and even CAD. There are also options of converting an image, an Office document, or a CAD to PDF.

3. Page formatting

If you want to work on the page order, splitting, or inserting, you can go to the Page tab from the upper part of the window.

The header and footer management option is one click away

You can even add a header or a footer on pages, exactly as you would to on a Word processing app, just by clicking on the Header and Footer button.

We only outlined three of the most important features but there are a lot more in SwifDoo. For instance, you can add a watermark or create a signature from the Advanced tab.

You can collaborate o a PDF file by using the Annotation feature and once you’re done, you can share the file by e-mail, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

But if we showed you how to remove the protection from a PDF, we will also show you how to enforce it by using SwifDoo.

How can I password protect a PDF using SwifDoo?

  1. Open your PDF in SwifDoo by dragging and dropping it into the program’s window or click the Home and then Open options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and then select the Encryption option.
  3. Now you can select whether you want an Open Password (protected from viewing) or an Owner Password where you can select which permissions to restrict for the users.
  4. You can choose between Print, Annotate, Copy and Edit, and then click OK.

We really hope that our guide helped you remove the permissions password from your PDF and you were able to edit it without any trouble.

Now not only that you know how to remove the owner restrictions but also how to enforce them yourself.

However, this is a two-way street, and we recommend using it only when absolutely needed and with proper authorization from the actual owner.

On the other hand, although SwifDoo can help you unlock the PDF every time, it’s still better to keep tabs on your passwords than to abuse this method.

Did you try SwifDoo? Let us know how it went and drop us a line in the comments section below.

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