Office 365 update adds Researcher and Editor upgrades to Word

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July is a hot month for Microsoft. In a few days, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released, introducing many new features and improvements. Despite this, Redmond still has much in its pipeline. It has been a long time since Office 365 received some attention, but its applications are finally getting new features.


This new service will be added to Word 2016 and will be available on Windows desktops. It will help users to find and incorporate content for their document more easily through the addition of related content right within Word. Appropriate content will be pulled in from the web using the Bing Knowledge Graph.


This feature will assist users in completing their document. It will provide an advanced proofreading and editing service and will make suggestions to help users improve their writing. Also, it will flag unclear phrases or words that are too complex, and will suggest simpler expressions. In its early phase, Editor might not work perfectly but Microsoft will improve it over time.

Focused Inbox in Outlook

The feature first released for iOS and Android devices is now coming to Windows, Mac and Outlook on the web. This feature will automatically separate the inbox into two tabs: Focused, where emails that matter most to users will be displayed, and Other, where the rest of the emails will be found. Outlook will have the ability to learn from user behavior to learn when to prioritize an email over the other.

Zoom in Power Point

Back in November, Microsoft introduced PowerPoint Designer, Morph and another new feature, Zoom, which will allow users to create interactive, non-linear presentations and navigate in and out of any slide or section. Zoom can be incorporated in three ways to build summary slides, and can be presented without exiting slide show mode.



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