Resident Evil 7 Biohazard could soon support CPUs without SSE4.1

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the most popular new games at the moment and its popularity is only increasing with more and more people buying it. Of course, the first thing to do before buying a new game is to check out its system requirements. In this manner, you’ll make sure that your computer is capable of running that game without any problems.

Sometimes, fans get carried away and buy their favorite games as soon as they’re out without even checking the necessary system requirements. Now, many of those are experiencing various technical issues.

RE 7 Biohazard can run on CPUs without SSE4.1 support

Capcom recently confirmed that it received many reports from players who can’t properly play Resident Evil 7 on computers equipped with CPUs that don’t support SSE4.1. Although these CPUs don’t meet the RE 7 requirements, the company is working to find a solution so as to help gamers play RE 7 even on CPUs without SSE4.1 support.

We’ve received reports from customers who have been experiencing issues playing Resident Evil 7 when using CPUs that doesn’t support SSE4.1.
While the CPU does not meet the minimum system requirements, the team is already hard at work investigating and triaging the issue to see if it can be fixed.  We’ll provide an update as soon as we find a solution. Please stay tuned.

This is a very good piece of news for Phenom CPU users. Perhaps many players will now decide to wait for the patch instead of demanding a refund, as others have already done.


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same as problem. crash @ when andre pops up from the water. i’m use phenom ii x4 955BE
where is the patch/upgrade or bug fix ??capcom oh my why take you soo long.

the crash on pc is scripted/planted(imo), i run the game on max settings with 75-120 fps, with my 965BE. 12g ram 7970 4g,ssd.blablabal
so the game runs just fine, but it crashes when andre pops up from the water. if 965 is not good enough, then why does my game run so smooth until that one spot? capcom just have to fix it, cause it does not make any sense!

BTW: if u bought it on steam and havent playd more than 2 hours, u can get a refund

“Perhaps many players will now decide to wait for the patch instead of demanding a refund”, you’re stupid if you didn’t ask for a refund, read again what Capcom said ” the team is already hard at work investigating and triaging the issue to see IF it can be fixed.” Really, get your refund and wait for the patch with the money in your wallet

Its ridiculous the demo game did fixes It, but the Full game doesnt ?? WTF i thought the demo game is to show If work fine in your PC before we buy it

Hello Luiz,are you saying that it does not work at all on your non sse4.1 cpu? because mine does and I bought it from steam.

I think they didn’t intend to fix it at first time. But then, after so much people complaining, they decided to do so.

well at least we finally got a reply. I will wait for the patch, which i hope comes out soon. Obviously I need to upgrade, and will. I think its unusual that they would patch the demo for phenom users, then ignore the full game. Why entice us then? its just bad execution.