Major issues with FPS in Resident Evil Village

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • Village is the latest game in the Resident Evil series, recently released by Capcom.
  • It quickly climbed the charts, becoming one of the user favorites on Steam.
  • Players report that they are having issues with giant FPS drops mid-game.
  • Last-generation graphic cards are struggling with keeping the game fluent.
Resident evil FPS issues

The latest game release from Capcom was already making headlines as Steam’s rising star. Only a few hours after release it was among the first 10 games in user preferences.

The story changes a bit now, as fans start pointing out some disconcerting problems that they have struggled with while enjoying the game.

FPS drops drastically in Resident Evil Village

Users are now reporting that they are finding it hard to play this new action-packed survival horror because of the sudden FPS drops. Complaints are many, as a lot of them are dealing with this nuisance and want to know why exactly.

According to the Steam community, players who engage in exploring Resident Evil Village are describing that their graphic cards overheat after just an hour of gameplay, resulting in low FPS or system shutdown, due to temperature.

This issue affects players which are using Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, as well as the latest generation graphic cards from Nvidia, such as RTX 3080 or RTX 3090.

RTX effects as of today 07/05/21 have a massive memory leak on this game, framerate will tank as soon as the leak happens, had to watch cutscenes at 19 PFS sometimes…

This happened as well with Cyberpunk and got patched, how come Capcom didn’t test this? It’s unbearable….

By running some more testing, it seems to leak about 18Gb of pagefile, from there it goes to 32000mb, tested on RTX 2060 6Gb (impossible to play) and RTX 3060 12Gb (19 FPS after one hour of gaming).


Basically, based on what users have recorded, just exploring the world doesn’t really impact the overall performance. However, once the fighting or some of the cutscenes, the game drops FPS fast.

This problem was tested on PCs with specs that exceed the maximum requirements for Resident Evil Village and the result was the same.

This means that we can rule out hardware failure as the main cause, so rest assured that you don’t have to hurry and buy a new graphics card.

There are also people who claim that they haven’t experienced any problems while playing the game, yet. This makes it harder to pinpoint exactly what the root cause is.

This is not the first game in which players encounter such problems and, most likely, won’t be the last either. As far as we can remember, similar issues also affected Cyberpunk, not long after it came out.

It was all fixed with a patch so, for now, its just a matter of time until developers of Resident Evil Village will get this straightened out.

Tell us in the comments section bellow if you’ve also struggled with this situation while playing.