RoboForm updated to become a universal Windows 10 app

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One can never be too safe while taking security measures for password protection, and the most secure way to do so is to use a reliable password manager that keeps your encrypted passwords not just on a floating cloud but on your PC’s local storage as well. RoboForm is designed to do just that, along with giving its users a few more perks. For one, RoboForm Everywhere allows users to easily log in from their smartphones, tablets or even another PC to provide a balance between security and convenience.

“RoboForm for Windows “Metro” is a version of RoboForm that allows you to use your Logins from your RoboForm Everywhere account on your Windows portable device or in Windows 8 “Metro” mode on your desktop.”, stated in the app’s description Windows store.
Another handy feature that the app offers is auto filling long registration, sign up and check out forms that might seem tedious at times, using personal profiles called Identities. The formerly introduced Password generator is also included.

All you need to have to run the RoboForm app is a RoboForm anywhere account and any internet connected device that can allow users access to all of their saved data with the ability to edit, rename or delete items.

Considering RoboForm’s popularity as a Windows app, developers have taken it upon themselves to release a Universal Windows App for the service. With the recently updated version, the app brings tons of new features as well as the support for Windows 10.

Given the increased recurrence of fraud and malware scams recorded in the past few months, using just an antivirus might not be sufficient enough. For users who want their accounts and credentials to be safe, RoboForm’s version 3.0 is just the thing for them.

Here’s the full log of changes that were included in both version 3.0 and 3.0.1:

  • Updated store logo
  • New app design
  • New identity color
  • Improved auto logout
  • Ability to remove multiple login profiles
  • Support for Windows 10 (UWP)
  • Improved server request speed
  • Bug fixes

Get the app here on the Windows Store.


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